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Visual C# 2010 Step By Step

Visual C# 2010 Step By Step

By John Sharp
Oct 03,2011
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Visual C# 2010 Step By Step Description:

Teach yourself Visual C# 2010-one step at a time. Ideal for developers with fundamental programming skills, this practical tutorial features learn-by-doing exercises that demonstrate how, when, and why to use the features of the C# rapid application development environment. You ll learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0; develop a solid, fundamental understanding of C# language features; and then get to work creating actual components and working applications for the Windows® operating system. You ll also delve into data management technologies and Web-based applications.

About the Author
John Sharp is the author of Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Step by Step and Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Step by Step. John is a principal technologist for Content Master Ltd., where he works on technology and training projects for a variety of international customers.


01. Intro
02. Variables, Operators, Expressions
03. Methods & Applying Scope
04. Decision Statements
05. Compound Assignment & Iteration Statements
06. Errors & Exceptions
07. Classes & Objects
08. Values & References
09. Value Type creation with Enumerations & Structures
10. Arrays & Collections
11. Parameter Arrays
12. Inheritance
13. Interfaces & Defining Abstract Classes
14. Garbage Collection & Resource Management
15. Implementing Properties to Access Fields
16. Indexers
17. Interrupting Program Flow & Handling Events
18. Generics
19. Enumerating Collections
20. Using Query Expressions
21. Operator Overloading
22. WPF
23. Gathering User Input
24. Validation
25. Database Usage
26. Entity Framework & Data Binding
27. Task Parallel Library
28. Parallel Data Access
29. Web Services


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